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Monday, May 18, 2009

May is for Halloween!

Well, why the heck not? I can only revel in so many pink and yellow fairies before I find myself missing bats and witch hats. My friend Carapace over at Cara Makes blog had the best idea for a Pay It Forward in the spirit of Halloween, and I jumped right in. 
Here's the deal: You be one of the first three commenters on this post, you get a Halloweeny suprise, handmade by none other than me. Each prize will be different, and I am going to custom make it according to the recipient. But winning is not all, of course you yourself must go forth and Pay in the same way, by offering a similar small bit of early Halloween to three readers on your blog, and linking back to me. Somewhat of a chain for good, with no dire retribution if you don't want to play.
Leave a comment, share a spell, tell me about your favorite Halloween costume or the best broom ride you ever went on.
I'm looking for the first three charmers who are paying attention; I'm not going to Tweet or post anywhere else, but do stop by Cara Makes and see why I'm a loyal follower ;]


Carapace said...

Aw, you make me blush! I wish I could enter, too, but I'm still waiting for all my original participants. But if I could sign up with you, I would! In a shot! I envy the people who will get a Mermaiden creation!

Linda (Artwolf) said...

Oh Halloweeny surprise!!I have a couple of favourite Halloween costumes I can remember one was a little witch, I had a besom, Black gown and all but I remember having real fun making my witches hat, It had a papier mache crow perched on the side with feathers and glass eyes, and bats flying off the back edge of the brim, my other fun one was the witch from Sleeping Beauty.
I will post giveaways 4my three in the next few days.
Thank you so much Lindax

mermaiden said...

Huzzah for Linda! Sounds like you and I like the same kind of witch hats ;] AND, I am a Maleficent fan too. Now that I know a little about you, I'll be creating your special piece over the next few days. Thanks for playing!

Merily said...

This sounds like fun, but I'm not really sure what kind of Halloweeny thing I could make right now since I haven't bought any Fall supplies recently. I do have some skull fabric and black and orange yarns and a few beads, but I'm not sure what kind of PIF thing I could make with those that anyone would want, lol!

Most of my Halloween costumes have also been cosplay or Renfaire costumes recently (like within the past seven or eight years), so do those count? My favorite of those costumes is probably my Susan Sto Helit from the Discworld series- I dress as her as Death, so I get to carry a scythe and a stuffed animal raven. I still have to make a Death of Rats, though, as well as find an hourglass, but the costume is pretty darn awesome anyway. :)