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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Sap Moon, The Crow Moon

The Sap Moon, one of the many names March's full moon goes by, heralds the return of the sap to the trees in North America. Imagine the life blood rising slowly and sweetly, up the trunk and reaching outward to the branches, touching the new leaf stirrings with amber magic.
The sugar maple has the sweetest sap of all the trees, and it only runs for a very short time from the first thaw til the first buds (just 4-6 weeks).

The Crow Moon is another appellation for the moon of March, the black birds cawing out tidings of Spring. Crow, the shape-shifter, trickster, clever corvid of transformation. Collector of shinies, omen-laden, cackling in a murder.

The Fantasy Artists of Etsy (FAE team) host a monthly dare for it's members to create according to the theme of each month's moon. Here are the incredible items my fellow team mates were inspired to bring to life:

My own Snake Priestess Earrings. I wanted to use amber, for the sap, and had a completely different idea when I first started to make them. They manifested themselves, answering a chthonic call from the down-deeps with the moon as their witness. Amber, jet, moonstone, and snake vertebrae.

Raven Moon Neck Ruff by NightLilyDesign

Raven Crow Moon Statue by PhenomeGNOME, who also has some cool fairy checks you might want to check out!


Linda said...

wonderfully interesting post, as always, always enjoyable, and great artworks, always a treat to visit. Lindax

stregata said...

Crow moon - hmm, love the sound of that! Love all this creativity, thanks for sharing!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love your earrings. You have some wonderfully talented artists on your team.

Here's wishing you a wonderfull creative day if the wee beastie is good!


Athena's Armoury said...

I'm very disappointed that I let the month get away from me! I totally lost track of time and didn't get a chance to participate in this month's dare. =( I'll have to start thinking about next month's dare now...

Wonderfully talented group we have!

Plumrose Lane said...

I always learn something when I visit, loved hearing about the different moons, thank you!

Gorgeous creations you spotlighted too, I have a friend whose work might fit in nicely with your team so I'll send her your way.

I'm snagging a your badge so I can remember to return more often.

Athena's Armoury said...

Hey chica, I passed on some love to you from my blog today. I hope you get some new visitors!