Explorations Into Liminality
“and there came an arm and a hand above the water and met it and caught it, and so shook it thrice and brandished it, and then vanished away the hand with the sword in the water.”

Monday, September 12, 2011

Out of the Cauldron

Simmering and stewing, boiling and brewing, some things wicked and wonderful have come.

Mermaid and Swan Fairytale Witch Hat

Midnight Blue Butterflies Witch Hat

Red Roses Silk Witch Hat

All these hats, and more, available at Mermaiden Creations on Etsy!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Hellooooooooooooooooooo Gorgeous!

WOW Juliebelle....I love all the new witchy hats...you always outdo yourself. STUNNING!

I wore my black velvet one at the Soiree and it was a huge hit.

Love you!

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Hooray- it's THAT time of year again! Any idea how many you'll be making this year?

Cameron said...

Well, hi there!

Looks like you've been keeping yourself busy....it is that time of year again!
How gorgeous these are!
Hope all has been well with you :)


The Josie Baggley Company said...

Hiya! you look so lovely in your fabulous hats...very pretty indeed. Hope you & your boys are well.
It's been months since I've been truly blogging and you know what? I miss it :) Facebook is doing my head in the past while. Anyway Julie here's a big Irish HUG forya!

Rainey J (Dillon);)

aquariann said...

Your hats are wickedly wonderful, indeed!!