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“and there came an arm and a hand above the water and met it and caught it, and so shook it thrice and brandished it, and then vanished away the hand with the sword in the water.”

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Roses In December

Indeed, there are a few roses lingering in my garden, beneath rain-soaked leaves and despite the chilly fog.

These however, are safe and snug in my shop.

Mauve Roses Gray Pearls Earrings

Pale Mauve Pink Chiffon Rose Hair Clip

Raspberry and Lime Roses Earrings

Raspberry Pink Chiffon Rose Hair Clip


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! These are just lovely! :)
I have a few roses left in our garden, although I think they got frostbite the other night!

stregata said...

So lovely! No roses left here - everything is shrouded in snow.

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

So lovely! My roses finally succumbed to winter last week....hoping for a few rose hips though:)

Linda said...

These are so very beautiful and so real looking. You have captured the real beauty.

tattytiara said...

Oh no those rose earrings are too cute! I say oh no because I've already bought a pair that are the same *idea but the flowers are not handcrafted and they are nowhere near as lovely. I so wish I'd seen yours first! *and when I say same idea please know that I don't mean in a copy-catting kind of way, just style-wise

Waterrose said...

Well I love Rose's and these are beautiful!