Explorations Into Liminality
“and there came an arm and a hand above the water and met it and caught it, and so shook it thrice and brandished it, and then vanished away the hand with the sword in the water.”

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Territory

I have finally delved into the abundant stash of PMC and sterling silver supplies I have. Yes, I have been hoarding them. For an embarrassingly long time.  I suppose I have been anxious about my skills and ability to do justice to these precious materials, but something in me snapped and I knew it was time to just try.

I am rather well pleased with my first simple attempts. I hope you don't mind me sharing:
Moon and Star Labradorite Moonstone

Ancient Leaves Prehnite

Calla Lilies

Bee Goddess Relics

All these earrings are listed in my shop, Mermaiden Creations.


LuLu Kellogg said...

Breathtaking....especially the Calla Lillies!


stregata said...

Wonderful! Good to see you are stretching your skills and doing new things!

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

I love how different these are and yet they still have the same sense of magic that sparkles in all your work! Bravo for stretching your wings!